Thursday, 23 July 2009

I'm learning to knit! My nan has started to teach me and I can cast on and do plain stitching. So I'm going to practice this week and then she will teach me to purl. I can knit myself a massive Gryffindor scarf then! And maybe a case for my ipod. It's quite relaxing.
I've decided that I'm going to start learning to drive as well. I'm 25 in a few weeks time and was bought lessons for my 21st so it's about time I put them to use. I have said this before but now I feel like I've been kicked into action because it'll make things so much easier workwise and regarding wherever me and Dave live in the future. I want a nice little KA to zoom around in.

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  1. i'm about halfway through my driving lessons and wish so much that i had started them years ago. but better late than never i guess,and i am so impatient to pass now!fingers crossed! x