Thursday, 30 July 2009

Medical post!

I am so glad it is almost the weekend. And payday. A payday with a bonus in fact. At least it sorts out the holiday money.
Went to the Doctor today (I was supposed to be seeing the nurse but for some reason the receptionist made me an appointment for the doctor) told him that I'm fine with my change of pill, the migraines have got less frequent, blood pressure is fine etc. I had him baffled about my hand however. I had an op on it two years ago to have a nerve decompressed but now my hand it acting up again, nothing serious just pins and needles, numbness and a bit of discomfort. Apparently it might be carpal (carpel?) tunnel but I have something that had caused the tendons in my hand to thicken and my hands claw up slightly. I can straighten them, but they just naturally curl up and when it's straight there is a bit of a strain. My dad has the same problem and so does my sister but he said he's never heard of it being in anyone under 60 let alone it being hereditary. Hah. He was all interested in going off to research it.

Not very interesting I know, but I found it amusing :)

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