Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I have been told to blog and I shall!

*I haven't really been upto that much though. My driving lessons have started and although I'm enjoying it I was petrified when I went out on the road for the first time last week. I panicked and everything went wrong though so he had me driving around the car park this week which was a lot better and allowed me to concentrate on some things that I kept doing wrong. It is fun though.
*Started new job last week. I am enjoying it, I just don't like not knowing how to do things and feeling out of my depth. I like being good at stuff!
*HP scarf all finished and warm. Started one for my Uncle now as he wants a Newcastle United one for Xmas and reckons I won't finish it on time.
*Been quite snappy and irritable today. Just a combination of being tired and bombarded with work and other stuff. I'm sure I'll be alright soon.
*I got a signed book from Sarra Manning today. I'm not sure how many people are familar with her but I used to read her 'Diary of a Crush' column in J-17 when I was younger (like 15, 16). Anyway, I've bought all of her books over the last few years and they're the only ones my sister will read (and has consequently run off with) but on her blog a few weeks ago she requested a Spotify code. So I emailed her one and she sent me a signed book as a thank you and it arrived today! So pleased :)

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  1. good luck with the driving lessons!it does get easier,though i'm still doing mine so fingers crossed for both of us!xxx