Saturday, 24 July 2010

As much as I love my cats I do not appreciate the dead things they bring in. In the space of 4 days there has been:-

One horrifically large rat
A pigeon which looks like it exploded
A magpie. I think. All I found were feathers and a foot in my bathroom.

Also pond weed. Chap likes to bring it in which is just weird.

Slight bit of craziness yesterday. Watching tv yesterday when I saw a police van pull up next to the house opposite. Then two policemen with riot shields and guns get out. Another car pulled up and knocked on the door of the house and said something to the lady who lived there. Nothing much happened after that, people were loitering around watching and then a policewoman knocked on the door. Apparently someone has been making hoax calls about the house opposite saying that there were allegations of firearms being kept there, but there was nothing to worry about. Then they all got into their cars and left. Very bizarre.