Thursday, 9 September 2010

The wedding was a lot of fun. It was here :-

Sian came down the aisle to 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and I almost cried! I got a massive lump in my throat and was sat there sniffing for most of the service. She looked so pretty, her dress was lovely (I'll try and post some pictures up soon) but she had trainers on under her dress! That was probably just as well really as the ground was a little muddy of those of us wearing heels kept sinking. Hah.

Had lots of photos taken. Apparently they'll be up on the official website in a few days, so I'll try and get some then too. There was lots of free wine and the food was lovely (I ate a scallop!) and there was a hog roast in the evening with some dancing. Fell into bed around midnight with my feet throbbing. I very rarely wear heels (I'm almost 6ft as it is) and even though they were only about an inch and a half, I was convinced that I was going to fall over when walking around, nevermind dancing, but thankfully all was well.

There was a little bit of a scrum when the bouquet was thrown, I didn't catch it though. I did accidentally manage to hit Tish in the head trying to catch it. Oops.


  1. sounds like you had a great time :) x

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