Thursday, 28 October 2010

I'm too excited about Christmas already. Maybe it's because last year I moved flat right after christmas so there wasn't any long drawn out celebrations and this year I want to make the most of it. I hope we have snow. I like snow.

I'm going to make a christmas cake this year. First attempt as I don't normally like it. But I do like marzipan. A lot.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday afternoons

Yesterday I went to an afternoon gig/show/whatever people call it nowadays. It was a lot of fun, probably more so than it would have been had it been an evening one. AC4 (ex Refused/The (International) Noise Conspiracy) plus two local supports; A Thousand Arrows and A Modern Farewell.
I was really surprised by AC4, not surprised that they would be good as I'd heard some stuff but at how funny they were. Refused were pretty political and serious. AC4 were political obviously but really really funny and just seemed like they were having a good time. Seeing Dennis Lyxzén strutting around to a cover of Motorhead 'Orgasmatron' probably ranks as one of the best and most surreal things I've ever seen. It was incredible.

Of course the best thing of all was that it was all over by three in the afternoon which meant me and Dave could have a few drinks and still be home in time for tea. I'm such an old woman.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Nothing of note to report, so here are a few cat pictures. Everyone loves cat pictures. My mum has five cats and a dog. Gizmo was born last year and she had a litter of five kittens earlier this year. Unfortunately two of them died but the other three have done really well and now have new homes.

Gizmo (she's beautiful and so affectionate)






Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hi new people!

I'm not sure what I've done to gain 4 new followers in the space of two weeks but I must be doing something right. Hello new people! Is it sad to be excited about having 12 people follow your blog? I expected Sam to be the only follower.

I've just got back from Spain and am delighted to find that the cats haven't pooed/peed/vommed/left dead things everywhere (pond weed doesn't count). The holiday was fun, it's always nice to come home though. Except it's cold now. Not so fond of the cold.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Well my evil cold is in the process of disappearing. I have felt horrific for the last week though. I had to spend Tuesday at home though, having rung in sick and watching bad television. I did catch up on the new series of Mad Men, so I guess not all bad. Tuesday was made a little bit more uplifting by the post I received though. I had ordered some stuff Sunday evening from the talented Gemma Correll who can be found here:-

I ordered

along with a postcard and a kitty colouring book, which I've had heaps of fun with. Never too old for colouring! I'm definitely going to order some more stuff soon I think.

Not much going on this week. Made a lemon cheesecake to take to Sunday lunch at Dave's parents which is still setting in the fridge so *fingers crossed* it will be okay. One busy week at work ahead and then I'm off to Spain for a week. Hooray!


(although we probably won't be going to this restaurant again. We think they gave a us food poisoning last time)