Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday afternoons

Yesterday I went to an afternoon gig/show/whatever people call it nowadays. It was a lot of fun, probably more so than it would have been had it been an evening one. AC4 (ex Refused/The (International) Noise Conspiracy) plus two local supports; A Thousand Arrows and A Modern Farewell.
I was really surprised by AC4, not surprised that they would be good as I'd heard some stuff but at how funny they were. Refused were pretty political and serious. AC4 were political obviously but really really funny and just seemed like they were having a good time. Seeing Dennis Lyxzén strutting around to a cover of Motorhead 'Orgasmatron' probably ranks as one of the best and most surreal things I've ever seen. It was incredible.

Of course the best thing of all was that it was all over by three in the afternoon which meant me and Dave could have a few drinks and still be home in time for tea. I'm such an old woman.

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