Sunday, 3 October 2010

Well my evil cold is in the process of disappearing. I have felt horrific for the last week though. I had to spend Tuesday at home though, having rung in sick and watching bad television. I did catch up on the new series of Mad Men, so I guess not all bad. Tuesday was made a little bit more uplifting by the post I received though. I had ordered some stuff Sunday evening from the talented Gemma Correll who can be found here:-

I ordered

along with a postcard and a kitty colouring book, which I've had heaps of fun with. Never too old for colouring! I'm definitely going to order some more stuff soon I think.

Not much going on this week. Made a lemon cheesecake to take to Sunday lunch at Dave's parents which is still setting in the fridge so *fingers crossed* it will be okay. One busy week at work ahead and then I'm off to Spain for a week. Hooray!


(although we probably won't be going to this restaurant again. We think they gave a us food poisoning last time)

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