Thursday, 30 December 2010

30 day photo challenge


I hate taking photos of myself so this is my default 'open your eyes really wide and do a funny smile' thing. And it's blurry because the flash makes me squint one eye.


In the spirit of bandwagon jumping...

I shall be participating in a 30 day photo challenge, as run by the lovely Coralene

1. Self-portrait
2. Favorite shirt
3. Knick-knack
4. Last thing you purchased
5. Favorite pair of shoes
6. Something you ate today
7. Favorite room in house
8. Ugliest article of clothing that you can't get rid of
9. Inside your refrigerator
10. You, in front of your house
11. Something you waste money on
12. Favorite movie snack
13. Dream date
14. Favorite restaurant
15. Something that challenged you today
16. A random act of kindness
17. Guilty pleasure food
18. Something with huge sentimental value
19. The oldest thing you own
20. Something you're good at
21. Cutest pair of socks
22. Your bedroom
23. Favorite mug
24. Something you're reading
25. Your handwriting
26. Your pet(s)
27. Something you decorated
28. Your favorite holiday
29. Something someone made for you
30. You with your loved one(s)

I might start tomorrow though. I'll see how presentable I can make myself.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So Christmas was a bit of a weird one. Dave's dad died very suddenly on the 21st and the last week has been a bit of a blur really. It was completely unexpected, he hadn't been ill or anything like that so it was a complete shock. Christmas was a bit rough, but it was as nice as it could be under the circumstances and Dave is doing a little better so there is that to be grateful for. The funeral isn't until January 10th so hopefully that will give everyone a little time to come to terms with it.

There is a little happiness to come from this however. Me and Dave got engaged, so hopefully that provides a little bit of joy to his family at this sad time.

Monday, 20 December 2010

I don't think the UK is somewhere that copes well with snow. That said it's been like 'The Day After Tomorrow' today! Blizzards, freezing winds, staggering through massive flakes of snow. Mental. Still, it makes for some very pretty scenery, something I can appreciate now that I'm not stood at a bus stop losing all feeling in my feet and face.




Still have some Christmas shopping to get done! Quickly running out of time, I have yet another cold again too :(

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The tree is up, I have bought most of my presents and I have a decent haul of beer. Let the festive times begin!


Complete with cat. Everyone needs a cat.

I will also be getting all frocked up and wearing heels for our work christmas party. I usually wear jeans. This will not end well.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I found this over on the wonderful Fur Coat No Knickers blog. I can't decide if they are the most awful or brilliant things I have ever seen. I'm going to go with brilliant. I want a pair!

They have loads (including Henry VIII) over here. Brilliant.