Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh well

So much for posting more regularly. This week as been a bit stressful. I'll try and get back to it in the next few days or so. In the meantime, I've started back at the gym and need to lie down so my legs don't feel like they are going to drop off.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I feel like maybe I should make some resolutions this year. There are so many things I want to do and sometimes I need a good kick up the backside to do them. Some of them aren't major but just things I want to do and spend more time on.

1. Pass my driving test. Bit of a biggie, I've been learning for a little over a year now, I passed my theory last September and as I only get one lesson a week, I hope that the end is in sight now. I think it is, as a lot of it with me is to do with confidence and I need to remember that.

2. Blog more. I like it here. I like writing about things, I might not be great at it but I do like it. I also like posting pictures of cats. Everyone likes cats.

3. Take more photographs and get better at it. I like photography a lot, I would like my pictures to be be better, even if it's just of random crap I see. I have a Diana mini camera now and I'd like to take some good film photographs.

4. Live healthier. I'm not just talking about losing weight, although I do need to at the moment. I've been told I have IBS recently which accounts for a few of the health problems I've been having lately. So I really need to sort my diet out.

5. Get out and have fun more. Not going out on the lash or anything like that (because that sucks) but going out and doing fun things with Dave. Hopefully that will be made easier when I pass my driving test as it will mean we can go further afield without it turning into some epic mission, but just enjoying life. I know that sounds cheesy but that is the best way I can think of describing it. We both work pretty hard and I don't want to spend my free time tired and stressed out.

6. I guess I should put planning my wedding on here! Kind of aiming for May 2012 so hopefully the planning of that won't be too bad!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Days 2 and 3

2. Your favourite shirt


I like stripes, it's not too tight and it's good for layering. I'm not that adventurous with clothes. I like classic things.

3. Knick knack


I collect Moomij things, cat carvings that we seem to find on holiday. Other things too, like Owls, other animals and birds.

Oh, and Happy New Year. 2010 wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great so maybe 2011 could be a little better please?