Friday, 25 February 2011


I'm a rubbish at updating this really aren't I? I don't have any real excuse as I haven't done anything other than work related stuff. Oh and the gym. I've been going a class called 'Buns of Steel' every Tuesday evening, it's only 30 minutes, but it makes me ache in ways I didn't think possible. Still, doing exercise and eating a lot better seems to be doing the trick regarding IBS and my weight which is awesome.

Sort of planning more stuff about the wedding, definitely know what I don't want anyway. I went to a wedding party with Dave last weekend and it was lovely but it was just too big and definitely not us. I just want to keep it as simple and as low key as possible. My ideal wedding would be going to Las Vegas and getting married by an Elvis impersonator in some tacky chapel, but that isn't really feasible. So far, things are getting a long nicely, we still haven't set the exact date yet but that will be decided on in the next few weeks when we sort the registry office.

I'm so glad February is over. I hate January and February, I find them so depressing. I just want it to be Spring so I can get out more and do things. Got stuff lined up in the next few months to look forward to, which is quite exciting.