Thursday, 25 August 2011

30 Day Book Challenge

Okay, so I know I failed miserably with the 30 Day Photo Challenge. Maybe I'll do a little better with this. Pinched from Falling Forward

Day 1 – Your favourite book of all time
Day 2 – Your least favourite book of all time
Day 3 – Your favourite book to recommend to friends
Day 4 – A book you lent out once, never got back and miss
Day 5 – A book that you’ve read the most times
Day 6 – A book you either couldn’t finish or struggled to.
Day 7 – A book that reminds you of somewhere
Day 8 – The book you can quote best
Day 9 – A book you read when you feel down
Day 10 – A book you’ve always meant to have read and never got round to
Day 11 – Your favourite book that has been made into a film
Day 12 – A book you think should be made into a film
Day 13 – A book that disturbed you
Day 14 – An author of a book you just don’t get
Day 15 – A book where you wish you were one of the characters
Day 16 – A book that is a guilty pleasure
Day 17 – The most over hyped book you have ever read
Day 18 – A book you have that belongs to someone else
Day 19 – The most romantic book you have ever read
Day 20 – The saddest or most emotive book you have read
Day 21 – The book that made you look at life in a different way
Day 22 – A book you wish was real life
Day 23 – Your favourite book by a non-British author
Day 24 – Your favourite book as a child
Day 25 – Your favourite book of last year
Day 26 – A book you honestly read in one sitting
Day 27 – Your favourite non-fiction book
Day 28 – Your favourite autobiographical book
Day 29 – Your favourite series of books
Day 30 – The book by your bed right now

I'll start tomorrow.

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